The pre-competitive program consists of two groups; the Ripples and the Riptides.

The Ripples

Swimmers entering this group must meet the minimum standard, one lap of the pool (25m), unassisted, of front swim with over arm recovery. Group goals are focused on developing great streamline, balance, body position, kick, and breathing patterns.

These are the most basic and key components of fast swimming.  Front crawl and back crawl are the basic strokes in this group. The pace clock is introduced to swimmers at this stage. Teamwork and fair play are learned through games and group interaction.


The Riptides

Strong front crawl and back crawl are essential at this point. Butterfly, Breaststroke, and IM become more important. Aerobic capacity is developed. Focus is on maximizing racing technique and encouraging a competitive attitude while maintaining friendships and having lots of fun.

Swimmers in these groups are expected to attend in-house Super Skills Meets to help prepare and encourage swimmers to move to the next level. Super Skills Meets occur during regularly scheduled practice hours and swimmers will be notified of upcoming dates.